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Are you a werewolf artist or aficionado? If you could be a werewolf, would you? Or are you simply a werewolf fanatic?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should be a member of WerewolvesAtHeart, the largest werewolf group on deviantART!

We're a group devoted to the expression of our inner lycanthrope through art and the written word. We're here to give werewolf fans access to the best werewolf art and literature anywhere on deviantART, so join the group and contribute to the pack!

Unlike other groups, ALL TYPES of werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves are welcome here! As long as the submissions follow the rules below.

Information about Artwork Submissions

Please Read!

Artwork of all levels of skill are allowed here!

Completed, high-quality artwork are accepted.

What do we mean by high quality?

Contests: All skills are allowed, just make sure they fit the theme of the contest.

All pieces are subject to vote by staff. Members are allowed 1 deviation per week to submit, unless its for a contest.

Read Group Rules People by sugarpoultry

:bulletred:No nudity. "Gender bits" must be furred over if not covered with clothing.

:bulletred:No strong sexual content, including yiff, yaoi, yuri, etc.

:bulletred:Fetish type artwork is not allowed (vore, stuffing, extreme muscle, etc.). Mild and non-sexual pregnancy may be allowed.

:bulletred:No over-excessive gore (some mild blood/gore is OK)

:bulletred:Please keep the language clean in art/literature submissions and comments on group polls/blogs.

:bulletred:Please be kind to one other. Any hostility between members may result in a ban from the group.

:bulletred:No spam. This includes non-werewolf images, re-posting images that were already denied, WIP (work-in-progress) or scrap images.

:bulletred:Art or literature must include werewolves; either transforming or in wolfen form; a werewolf in human form without any physical signs aren't allowed. Literature: it should be clear at some point the story involves werewolves, or in the artist comments.

The purpose of these rules is to build the best werewolf content collection on deviantArt, and to ensure that deviants of ALL AGES are able to enjoy it!

Monthly Theme Challenges!

Our monthly theme challenges are back! This is the opportunity for members of our group to take on a challenge and improve their drawing skills each month!

:bulletblack: All submissions must have to do with the theme and werewolves.
:bulletblack: All mediums are accepted (art, literature, craft, etc.)
:bulletblack: No pre-exsisting art pieces allowed. They must be made specifically for the theme challenge, and stated so in the artist comments.
:bulletblack: Submissions MUST follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: All levels of skill are welcome!
:bulletblack: Unlimited submissions allowed.

March's Theme Winner:
Sidelines and Frontlines“There you are, good as new!” I said with a smile to my young patient. “Just stay away from any tall trees until it heals, okay?”  I returned the bandage roll to its place in my first aid station and helped the ten year old boy off the cot.
“Thank you Vanko,” the boy said.  He glanced at his mother whose nod freed him to run along and play.  As he scurried off across the grass, his mother thanked me as well.
“He used to be so careful,” she said. “But ever since we came here he’s been playing with those wolf pups and getting himself into more and more trouble!”  I chuckled at this.  After all, I used to be a med student at the capital’s best university until I met wolves.  “He tried to follow his new best friend up a tree but you saw how that went.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about Mrs. Sukovich, children are stronger than we think they are.” I a

by :iconwanderinggoose:

Thank you all for participating and submitting such great pieces to our challenge!
Now for our next challenge...

"On the Big Screen"

There have always been mixed views regarding werewolves in film, particularly because of the hit or miss record they have in the past. Perhaps though… some movies could have been made better with a dose of lycanthropy thrown in! Show us some werewolves in non-werewolf films! Swindle your audience with "The Werewolf of Wall Street!" or thrill them with "Werewolves on a plane!" The choice is yours! Be creative!

Theme Dates and Deadlines
Submissions are always due the last day of each month. Winners and the next monthly theme are announced the day after.

Submit your entry here!

Werewolf Artists Accepting Commissions!

This is a list of werewolf artists (professional and non) who are currently open for commissions. This list will be kept updated as possible.

:iconfuriarossaandmimma: :iconneridanixie: :iconlupinaeqqus07: :icongoldenwolf: :icondraikairion: :iconspottednymph: :iconkigai-holt: :iconinku-inku: :iconcrescentmoon: :iconblack-rose333: :iconjarahamee: :iconvlcek: :iconvollmondstudio: :iconshadowandfrost: :iconsiekfried: :iconbrettgray: :icontoddwolf: :icontimber-wolf-spirit: :iconlycanthropeheart: :iconpikminpedia:

If you're interested in seeing yourself on this list, please send a group note werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c…. We apologize that we can't post links to your commission info anymore. Just be sure its easy to find a link to your commission info from your front page. ;)


Affiliate Announcements

(If you are affiliated with us and you have an announcement, please note us and we'd be more than happy to feature it here!)


If you wish to be an affiliate with us, use the new "affiliate" button on your group page! We're looking for Werewolf and Wolf related groups, and it must have over 100 members for us to accept your affiliation. And affiliate members are allowed 5 gallery submissions per week. ^_^

Alpha Groups:

:iconwolfspirits: :iconthewolfpack: :iconwerewolf-calendar: :iconwerewolf-horror:

Beta Groups:




Welcome to DeviantArt's largest werewolf group!
Help us get to Super Group Status by donating :points: on Kigai-Holt's profile!


Literature Moderators

Full Moon Chat!

:iconmoonplz: UPCOMING FULL MOON CHAT!: :iconmoonplz:
April 14th!
(A specific date will be set closer to the moon's arrival)

Chats will take place on one of the 3 nights of the moon each month! See here for a moon cycle calendar:

Please follow the deviantArt Etiquette Policy and Chatroom Rules!

Welcome to WerewolvesAtHeart's monthly full moon feature!
The werewolf community is a strong and growing population, and here we like to bring to light some fantastic and rising werewolf artists of dA. Whether you're a professional, or a beginner, everyone should have the opportunity to be appreciated amongst our lunacy!

Tonight we bring you...


As with all of our full moon features, we asked Shadow-Wolf a few questions about herself and her work!

Give us a summary of yourself!

I've lived in Colorado for my whole life, grew up in the mountains always running around outside.  I currently live in an apartment with my boyfriend and my cat.  I work full time as a freelance illustrator, so I'm always in my art corner painting and drawing.  I'm pretty sure I drink too much tea, and my cat reminds me to take breaks by depositing herself onto my tablet and refusing to move.  I love to livestream my work, the company of spectators and artists alike is really motivating and keeps me company.  I also like to write and do world building on my free time, and sometimes also archery.  I'm a poor shot, but I still feel like some graceful awesome forest elf when I go shooting.

How long have you been drawing?

My mom encouraged me to draw from the earliest age possible, taping down paper and letting me scribble with crayons in my high chair.  My family has always supported my artistic endeavors, even when I decided I wanted to go to art school.  All the drawing I had done as a kid of anthros and fantasy animals lead me up to getting my Bachelors of Fine Arts (emphasis in illustration) from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  I had been freelancing part time for years before that, but when I graduated in 2009 I hit the ground running with full time freelance, and I've been doing it ever since.  

The vast majority of my clients are private commissioners who want to see me paint their characters.  But I've done a little bit of indie game work, a few book covers, and now I'm working on a children's book with fellow artist Nordeva ( ).  I would like to continue freelancing, but perhaps start creating some original content to sell as well.  Most likely something pertaining to my world building projects, but it's pretty up in the air right now.

What got you into werewolves?

I can't think of a particular moment that sparked my interest in werewolves, I feel like I've always loved them.  It's the allure of having a life as a human and as a wolf, and the power that comes with it.  I've always loved canines, but wolves hold a very special place in my heart.  The lore surrounding wolves and werewolves is diverse and interesting.  I like how different cultures address them in different ways, and how modern cultures have transformed the idea of werewolves into a new set of stories and myths.  I love reading urban fantasy stories that involves shifters and werewolves, and how they interact with the supernatural world and the mundane.  There's just so much to like about werewolves, who can resist?

You've been quite involved with the very popular Werewolf Calendar in the past, what is your process in creating a piece for the calendar, and do you plan on continuing?

The process starts with a caption assignment from the calendar organizers.  The caption is a prompt to tell a unique story about one aspect of werewolf life, as imagined by the calendar premise.  We present our sketches and thumbnails for critique to everyone involved, and hash out our ideas with their feedback.  Then I would move on to the painting stage, often posting work in progress shots for the others to check out. Critique from the other artists was always so important.  I made some changes to my 2014 piece that make it much better thanks to them!

I've been a part of the calendar for four years running, but I won't be returning for 2015.  The calendar cycles artists every so often to keep the project fresh and interesting, and I've had  a great run with them!  Every year I enjoyed getting my assignment and working on my piece, the excitement of the day I upload to show everyone what I've been working on.

Are you open for commissions?

Not at this time because of how many projects I have on my hands, but I do hope to be again soon!  In the past I've opened commissions by posting a journal on a previously announced day and time, and people email me their ideas until I fill all the available slots.  But I am considering doing commission in an on-demand format on livestream, on select days of the week.

Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring writers/artists out there?

Don't let the idea of what a werewolf "should be" interfere with you having fun drawing them.  There are many ways to depict them, and you can get creative!   Look at real pictures of wolves and people, learn their anatomy and combine at your discretion once you've learned.  Everyone has their own idea of how they out to look or act, but most important is that everyone has fun with the subject.  =)

Thank you very much Shadow-Wolf for speaking with us, and thank you all for reading. Go check Shadow-Wolf out!!!

Do you have any questions for Shadow-Wolf?

Shadow-Wolf has graciously offered to answer some questions from you all! If you have a question, just tag her username  
(Just take the spaces and quotations out of the following: " : devshadow-wolf : " )
(Again, that's: [colon]devshadow-wolf[colon] )
and it will notify her that you have a question!
Please be respectful and courteous, and limit the number of questions to within reason, we can't keep her all day now!
More Journal Entries

Random from Favourites

If you want to contribute artwork, please read the group rules before submitting!


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WolfsBane99 Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
When are we going to hear about the March's monthly challenge? I just want to hear of any updates since we don't really seems to hear much.
Kigai-Holt Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Working on it, got a lot of delays IRL 
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WolfsBane99 Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hooray! My contest story is now waiting to be reviewed. I knew the wait would pay off. 
WolfsBane99 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Grrr, I can't take the wait. I really want to get my March Theme Story submitted. It's been on my page since the contest was announced and I got it on another werewolf group. I'm so eager to submit it to the contest.
JoeyLiverwurst Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Do you mean the one you submitted to Poems?
WolfsBane99 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes but I'm not focusing on that one. Though I have originally tried to submit it under poems. I'm trying to submit a story I wrote for March's Theme Challenge. I'm just waiting for my day limit to be up so I can try to submit my story for the contest.
JoeyLiverwurst Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I wish I'd known sooner.  We try to green-light contest entries.  At least I think we do.  Kigai-Holt?
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