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Are you a werewolf artist or aficionado? If you could be a werewolf, would you? Or are you simply a werewolf fanatic?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should be a member of WerewolvesAtHeart, the largest werewolf group on deviantART!

We're a group devoted to the expression of our inner lycanthrope through art and the written word. We're here to give werewolf fans access to the best werewolf art and literature anywhere on deviantART, so join the group and contribute to the pack!

Unlike other groups, ALL TYPES of werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves are welcome here! As long as the submissions follow the rules below.

Information about Artwork Submissions

Please Read!

Artwork of all levels of skill are allowed here!

Completed, high-quality artwork are accepted.

What do we mean by high quality?

Contests: All skills are allowed, just make sure they fit the theme of the contest.

All pieces are subject to vote by staff. Members are allowed 1 deviation per week to submit, unless its for a contest.

Read Group Rules People by sugarpoultry

:bulletred:No nudity. "Gender bits" must be furred over if not covered with clothing.

:bulletred:No strong sexual content, including yiff, yaoi, yuri, etc.

:bulletred:Fetish type artwork is not allowed (vore, stuffing, extreme muscle, etc.). Mild and non-sexual pregnancy may be allowed.

:bulletred:No over-excessive gore (some mild blood/gore is OK)

:bulletred:Please keep the language clean in art/literature submissions and comments on group polls/blogs.

:bulletred:Please be kind to one other. Any hostility between members may result in a ban from the group.

:bulletred:No spam. This includes non-werewolf images, re-posting images that were already denied, WIP (work-in-progress) or scrap images.

:bulletred:Art or literature must include werewolves; either transforming or in wolfen form; a werewolf in human form without any physical signs aren't allowed. Literature: it should be clear at some point the story involves werewolves, or in the artist comments.

The purpose of these rules is to build the best werewolf content collection on deviantArt, and to ensure that deviants of ALL AGES are able to enjoy it!

Monthly Theme Challenges!

Our monthly theme challenges are back! This is the opportunity for members of our group to take on a challenge and improve their drawing skills each month!

:bulletblack: All submissions must have to do with the theme and werewolves.
:bulletblack: All mediums are accepted (art, literature, craft, etc.)
:bulletblack: No pre-exsisting art pieces allowed. They must be made specifically for the theme challenge, and stated so in the artist comments.
:bulletblack: Submissions MUST follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: All levels of skill are welcome!
:bulletblack: Unlimited submissions allowed.

July's Theme Winner:
In the Valley of the DevilsThis is how we prepare for winter in werewolf country: by lighting all the torches on the ramparts around the encampment, because werewolves fear fire, and so that we can see them when they come skulking in the dead of night. Sometimes, beneath the flames, we see the werewolves in our midst, the ones standing beside us. This makes the winter longer, and darker.
This is how we prepare for winter in the forest outside the camp: by catching rabbits and deer and possum, and roasting them on spits on our little fires, which we keep small so that the village will not see the smoke. If they locate us, they will come with guns and silver shrapnel, and tear us to bloody bits.
By first frost, we have finished digging the ditch around us. It is filled with blades pointing up, and hemlock and mistletoe, which the werewolves avoid as a vampire avoids garlic. We toss in the cut branches, and also some parts of their brethren, a skull or tooth, or a hand, which was once a paw

by :iconrsbohn:

Thank you all for participating and submitting such great pieces to our challenge!
Now for our next challenge...

"Tournament Ready!"

Our annual Werewolf Tournament is about to begin! Show us your favorite werewolf in battle-ready mode! It could be your own character, or a famous media character!

Theme Dates and Deadlines
Submissions are always due the last day of each month. Winners and the next monthly theme are announced the day after.

Submit your entry here!

Werewolf Artists Accepting Commissions!

This is a list of werewolf artists (professional and non) who are currently open for commissions. This list will be kept updated as possible.

:iconfuriarossaandmimma: :iconneridanixie: :iconlupinaeqqus07: :icongoldenwolf: :icondraikairion: :iconspottednymph: :iconkigai-holt: :iconinku-inku: :iconcrescentmoon: :iconblack-rose333: :iconjarahamee: :iconvlcek: :iconvollmondstudio: :iconshadowandfrost: :iconsiekfried: :iconbrettgray: :iconansticewolf: :icontimber-wolf-spirit: :iconlycanthropeheart: :iconpikminpedia: :iconlupusdream: :iconcenturionsofrome: :iconjmillart: :iconakdreamweaver:

If you're interested in seeing yourself on this list, please send a group note werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c…. We apologize that we can't post links to your commission info anymore. Just be sure its easy to find a link to your commission info from your front page. ;)

Most Recent Werewolf-Themed Daily Deviation!

Daily Deviation
Awarded April 16th 2014
The latest werewolf-themed DD was by JZLobo. Congratulations!
(Featured by GrimFace242)

Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld


Affiliate Announcements

(If you are affiliated with us and you have an announcement, please note us and we'd be more than happy to feature it here!)


If you wish to be an affiliate with us, use the new "affiliate" button on your group page! We're looking for Werewolf and Wolf related groups, and it must have over 100 members for us to accept your affiliation. And affiliate members are allowed 5 gallery submissions per week. ^_^

Alpha Groups:

:iconwolfspirits: :iconthewolfpack: :iconwerewolf-calendar: :iconwerewolf-horror:

Beta Groups:




Welcome to DeviantArt's largest werewolf group!
Help us get to Super Group Status by donating :points: on Kigai-Holt's profile!


Full Moon Chat!

:iconmoonplz: UPCOMING FULL MOON CHAT!: :iconmoonplz:
June 12th!
(A specific date will be set closer to the moon's arrival)

Chats will take place on one of the 3 nights of the moon each month! See here for a moon cycle calendar:

Please follow the deviantArt Etiquette Policy and Chatroom Rules!

Werewolf Tournament


**Update Sept. 14th 2014**
Get your nominations in! We don't have quite as many suggestions as last year, we need werewolves you want to see fight in this tournament! To clarify, we're looking for both Popular media werewolves (Werewolves you've seen or read about in movies, comics, books, TV shows, etc.) as well as werewolves born here on deviantart, werewolves made by deviants! Send a note to Kigai-Holt to suggest the werewolves you want to see fight.

YOU CAN SUGGEST AS MANY WEREWOLVES AS YOU'D LIKE! There's no limit, and we encourage you to give us a long list. Remember, the roster closes on September 19th! After that, if we haven't gotten enough suggestions, most of the chosen werewolves will be taken in at random from last year. So get those werewolves in!

**Update Sept. 2nd 2014**
As a reminder, nominations are currently being taken by Kigai-Holt, send a note to him with a list of who you'd like in the tournament!
You can nominate as many werewolves as you'd like!

You do not have to send a picture of a media werewolf, I can get that.

DeviantArt Werewolves must have an illustration of the nominated werewolf to be considered, but again, you can send in as many as you'd like!

Start getting your nominations in! We need a total of 64 werewolves by September 19th! The sooner you can get your nominations in, the sooner I can prep them for the tournament!

Welcome everyone to the preliminaries of WerewolvesAtHeart's 2nd Annual Werewolf Tournament!

This is your chance to help the werewolf community finally set things straight as to who is the champion of the moon, the leader of the lunacy, the best werewolf alive!

The Preliminaries

Here's how it works. The fights will begin on September 22nd, until September 19th, it is YOUR job to tell us who YOU want to see in this tournament!

To do this, send a note to Kigai-Holt and list off the werewolves you want to fight in the tournament!
They could be from comics, movies, tv shows, books, music videos, video games, you name it!
(In order to be considered for a spot however, there must be a photo or accurate illustration of the werewolf)
The more werewolves you suggest the better, we can get a list much more easily then!

Last year's semi finalists will not be considered for this tournament. This includes
Genn Greymane (Winner of 2013's tournament)
Harley Macfinn
Van Helsing
and Kigai Holt

Artist's Werewolves

Now hear this!
There will also be a select number of slots reserved for DeviantArt werewolves! That's right, werewolves created from artists may also join in the brawl! So send a separate list of werewolves born in dA that you want seen in the tournament!

Suggestions for werewolf fighters will be taken until September 19th at which point the 64 most popular choices will be placed in the brackets!

The Tournament!

When the tournament starts, YOU will be voting on randomly set 1-on-1 werewolf fights!

Remember, you'll be voting on who you think would win in a FIGHT, We're not going on looks ladies and gentlemen.

Each round of voting will last 5 days, and there will be 6 rounds! Our battle for the championship will be conducted on the last week of October, and our winner will be announced on Halloween!!!

REMEMBER: You can suggest as many as you'd like! Be sure to send us some large media werewolves AND some dA werewolves you'd like to see in the tournament!

Now get your champions ready, send Kigai-Holt a note and tell us who will fight in this Grand Lunar Brawl!

Having trouble thinking of werewolves you'd like to nominate? Take a peek at last year's roster!

More Journal Entries

Random from Favourites

If you want to contribute artwork, please read the group rules before submitting!


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LupusDream Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for accepting me as part of the group :D
CenturionsofRome Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
I have a question, I am an author who will open for commissions soon, and I want to know what price I should charge for number of words/scenes/characters/ etc. If you don't want to post it here, feel free to send me a note.
KingAnima Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Thanks so munch for letting me join, but should I subscribe all the Wolf King chapters I have or one at a time?
Leonca Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We only accept the first chapter of a multi-chapter story.
KingAnima Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
k. thanks
Lady1724wolf Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I did the same as rsbohn I couldn't find the list for it either, could you please move it over to escape the heat folder. Thanks!
Lady1724wolf Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
rsbohn Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Hi, I wrote a piece, "Midnight Swim," for the monthly challenge, but couldn't find the gallery to submit it to--it didn't show up on my end? Just the "Werewolf in Training" theme challenge from last month. Could you possibly move it there for me, or what should I do? Thank you!
Kigai-Holt Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Right over yonder: werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c…
Let me know if you can see that :)
rsbohn Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
I do see it there. The problem--I think--is that when I hit "Select Group" for the piece and select WerewolvesAtHeart, a list pops up of available galleries... And that one's not listed. I'm sorry, I'm just confused!
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