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Are you a werewolf artist or aficionado? If you could be a werewolf, would you? Or are you simply a werewolf fanatic?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should be a member of WerewolvesAtHeart, the largest werewolf group on deviantART!

We're a group devoted to the expression of our inner lycanthrope through art and the written word. We're here to give werewolf fans access to the best werewolf art and literature anywhere on deviantART, so join the group and contribute to the pack!

Unlike other groups, ALL TYPES of werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves are welcome here! As long as the submissions follow the rules below.

Information about Artwork Submissions

Please Read!

Artwork of all levels of skill are allowed here!
Completed, high-quality artwork are accepted.

What do we mean by high quality?

Contests: All skills are allowed, just make sure they fit the theme of the contest.

All pieces are subject to vote by staff. Members are allowed 1 deviation per week to submit, unless its for a contest.

Read Group Rules People by sugarpoultry

:bulletred:No nudity. "Gender bits" must be furred over if not covered with clothing.

:bulletred:No strong sexual content, including yiff, yaoi, yuri, etc.

:bulletred:Fetish type artwork is not allowed (vore, stuffing, extreme muscle, etc.). Mild and non-sexual pregnancy may be allowed.

:bulletred:No over-excessive gore (some mild blood/gore is OK)

:bulletred:Please keep the language clean in art/literature submissions and comments on group polls/blogs.

:bulletred:Please be kind to one other. Any hostility between members may result in a ban from the group.

:bulletred:No spam. This includes non-werewolf images, re-posting images that were already denied, WIP (work-in-progress) or scrap images.

:bulletred:Art or literature must include werewolves; either transforming or in wolfen form; a werewolf in human form without any physical signs aren't allowed. Literature: it should be clear at some point the story involves werewolves, or in the artist comments.

The purpose of these rules is to build the best werewolf content collection on deviantArt, and to ensure that deviants of ALL AGES are able to enjoy it!

Monthly Theme Challenges!


Our monthly theme challenges are back! This is the opportunity for members of our group to take on a challenge and improve their drawing skills each month!

:bulletblack: All submissions must have to do with the theme and werewolves.
:bulletblack: All mediums are accepted (art, literature, craft, etc.)
:bulletblack: No pre-exsisting art pieces allowed. They must be made specifically for the theme challenge, and stated so in the artist comments.
:bulletblack: Submissions MUST follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: All levels of skill are welcome!
:bulletblack: Unlimited submissions allowed.

July's Theme Winner:
Adventures in PupsittingChris cleaned his sneakers off on the Brewtons’ doormat as he waited to be let inside.  He wondered if all werewolf families had the same “Wipe Your Paws!” doormat at their homes or just the ones he knew.  Soon enough, the door opened and Mr. Brewton waved him inside.
“Hey there!  You’re just in time,” Mr. Brewton said. “We were worried it’d take you a bit longer to get here.”
“No worries Mr. B!” Chris replied as he set his duffle bag down in the foyer and kicked off his shoes. “I took the Yamaha so I wouldn’t have to pedal all the way over.”
Mrs. Brewton greeted Chris as she wheeled a suitcase to the door.  “Hello Chris, how’s your summer been?”
“Pretty normal so far, I can’t complain.  Got some books to get through before the school year starts,” Chris said. “I’m just glad I could help you out.”
The couple chuckled and gave

by :iconwanderinggoose:

Thank you all for participating and submitting such great pieces to our challenge!
Now for our next challenge...

"Werewolves ≠ Dogs"

The annual Werewolf Tournament is just around the corner! Get yourselves ready! Got a werewolf to nominate for a position in the tournament? Feature them here in this month's challenge! Show us how your werewolf of choice gets ready for the upcoming battles!

For those of you unfamiliar with our annual event. We will be creating a tournament roster of randomly matched fights between famous and deviantArt werewolves. 64 werewolves will do battle, each fight's winner is determined by the votes of werewolvesatheart members! Have any questions? send a note to Kigai-Holt the tournament starts in September!

:bulletred: Reminder: all submissions to monthly theme challenges must be mentioned in the art description, and linked back to the group :)

Theme Dates and Deadlines
Submissions are always due the last day of each month. Winners and the next monthly theme are announced the day after.

Submit your entry here!

Werewolf Artists Accepting Commissions!

This is a list of werewolf artists (professional and non) who are currently open for commissions. This list will be kept updated as possible.

:iconfuriarossaandmimma: :iconneridanixie: :iconjuzoka-vargulf-eqqus: :icongoldenwolf: :icondraikairion: :iconspottednymph: :iconkigai-holt: :iconinku-inku: :iconcrescentmoon: :iconblack-rose333: :iconjarahamee: :iconvlcek: :iconvollmondstudio: :iconshadowandfrost: :iconsiekfried: :iconbrettgray: :iconansticewolf: :icontimber-wolf-spirit: :iconlycanthropeheart: :iconpikminpedia: :iconlupusdream: :iconcenturionsofrome: :iconjmillart: :iconaudreyfry: :iconluwolvescas: :iconanioue: :iconblacksheepseries:

If you're interested in seeing yourself on this list, please send a group note werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c…. We apologize that we can't post links to your commission info anymore. Just be sure its easy to find a link to your commission info from your front page. ;)

Most Recent Werewolf-Themed Daily Deviation!

Mature Content

Daily Deviation
Awarded April 16th 2014
The latest werewolf-themed DD was by JZLobo. Congratulations!
(Featured by inknalcohol)

Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld


Affiliate Announcements

(If you are affiliated with us and you have an announcement, please note us and we'd be more than happy to feature it here!)


If you wish to be an affiliate with us, use the new "affiliate" button on your group page! We're looking for Werewolf and Wolf related groups, and it must have over 100 members for us to accept your affiliation. And affiliate members are allowed 5 gallery submissions per week. ^_^

Alpha Groups:

:iconwolfspirits: :iconthewolfpack: :iconwerewolf-calendar: :iconwerewolf-horror: :iconcanines-unite:

Beta Groups:




Welcome to DeviantArt's largest werewolf group!
Help us get to Super Group Status by donating :points: on Kigai-Holt's profile!


Special Guests

Full Moon Chat!

:iconmoonplz: UPCOMING FULL MOON CHAT!: :iconmoonplz:
August 28th at 8PM EST!

Chatroom here:…

Chats will take place on one of the 3 nights of the moon each month! See here for a moon cycle calendar:

Please follow the deviantArt Etiquette Policy and Chatroom Rules!

Werewolf Tournament

And our 2015 champion is....


Art by latent-ookami

Congratulations to :iconquebecoiswolf: for creating our very first deviantart-werewolf champion! In the three years this tournament has been held, never before has a dA werewolf won! You should be proud of her QuebecoisWolf!

Thank you all for participating this excellent year of our annual Werewolf Tournament!

Got any suggestions for next year's tournament? What did you like? What didn't you like? Comment below!

To better support events like this, please consider donating points to Kigai-Holt's donation pool to get Werewolves at Heart back to super group status!

Thanks again everyone!
More Journal Entries

Random from Favourites

If you want to contribute artwork, please read the group rules before submitting!


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Wolvenmage Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey. Um, I had a couple questions. One, Can I join? I've watched different artists from this group for a very long time, and I'd love to be here. Two, how do I submit art to the group?
3EJP Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I looked up in the rules and I think I figured out why my artwork had been declined. The artwork of mine is good in general, and I think the reason is my werewolf design had a tad too much muscle in them, isn't it?

My vision on them is that werewolves are really strong and powerful and a lot of muscle show the strength and power my artwork can provide. So, I think I can understand that, didn't I?
WoofyArcticwolf Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Student Writer
Hello, thanks for asking us! :D Actually, here on the main page you can see our rules on types of werewolves : "Unlike other groups, ALL TYPES of werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves are welcome here! As long as the submissions follow the rules below." So, your overly muscular werewolves are actually more than welcome here. We love all werewolves of any shape, size, and type.

Our group accepts submissions based on a vote between moderators. I cannot speak for the other mods, and I myself was not one of the mods to vote on your artwork. Its possible that your artwork did not meet our high standards of quality, but I don't know for sure. We hope you don't take this personally and instead continue to make and improve your artwork. Thanks! :)
280077s Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey, I'm a member and I'm just curious, why was my werewolf art declined?
WoofyArcticwolf Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2015  Student Writer
Hi! :D Thank you for submitting your artwork to our gallery, sorry your art was declined. As a moderator I cannot speak for the other mods, but if you didnt know, submissions to this group are voted upon by several mods. See the group FAQ and Submission guidlines pages for info on what qualifies and what does not. But agian, while I cannot speak for the other mods, I myself really enjoyed your pic. However, personally, I felt it didn't meet the group's quality standards. I've sent a PM to you describing why. Hope this helps and thank you for submitting your artwork! :D
280077s Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, thank you for the reply, some people don't even message back when I ask innocent questions, so it means a lot.
JoeyLiverwurst Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I just want to add:  so often these questions are to start arguments, I am reluctant to try to answer them.  It's a breath of fresh air to see someone respond without an attack, so thank you back.  :)
(1 Reply)
WoofyArcticwolf Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Student Writer
Very welcome! :D
280077s Featured By Owner Edited Oct 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm a member and I'm curious, has anyone thought of adding a folder specifically for female werewolves and/ or gentle, loving, or guardian werewolves?
WoofyArcticwolf Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Student Writer
I'm certainly not against it, but it would largely be a redundant folder. If a given pic shows an anthro gentle wolf, then it already applies to the anthro folder, for example. Most of the folders are about the specific medium involved too, so if its a sculpture of a happy wolf, then it already goes to the sculpture/physical-medium folder. If you look through the folders we have already you can find plenty of guardian and/or "cuddle" wolves. :D

Female werewolves, like male werewolves, are given no specifically unique treatment and are found throughout the group in whatever folders their artwork applies to.
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